RF Contactless Dual Interface Metal Cards

RF Metal, Dual Interface Smart Cards in metal

It is a break through embedding Contactless or Dual Interface Chip modules for proximity payment solution in Metal Cards. We have deployed a patented manner of embedding the antenna and at the same time, ensuring the interoperability of the Contactless RF payment transactions.

Metal has the known effect of shielding off the radio frequency, particularly, ISM frequency, 13.56MHz.  Different metal properties have different influencial effects to the behaviours of magnetic field in the Radio Frequency transaction.  Be it aluminium or steel materials, the construction of the RF antenna with the types of the chips must be optimised in the design and production.

Our metal cards specifies with contactless payment transactions

ISO14443 compliant
approved by EMV for the contactless payment transaction
Interoperable with all existing Point-of-sales terminals




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