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Omega Seamaster Replica

"Even though Omega Seamaster Replica has existed since 1904, they have climbed to the top in the last few years. Their line of dive watches made them a mainstream brand in a very short period. How can a brand go fairly unnoticed for about 100 years, and still manage to rise to the top? Today we are going to dive in the history of Omega Seamaster Replica."

In 1969, Omega Seamaster Replica was one of the top 10 best-selling watch brands in the world. This made them interesting for investors. Omega Seamaster Replica was taken over by the General Watch Company (which is today known as the Swatch Group) in 1970. However, during the quartz crisis,swiss replica watches the brand took a big hit. Sales were horribly low, and the brand was on the edge of bankruptcy. In 1982, Swatch group decided to shut Omega Seamaster Replica down, but general manager Rolf Portman and head of marketing Ulrich W. Herzog bought the brand back from the Swatch group. A few months later in 1982, Omega Seamaster Replica SA was founded. They have been independent ever since. While many brands want to be bought by a larger group in a crisis, Omega Seamaster Replica fought for independence.

Like stated in the first tab, Omega Seamaster Replica got almost taken down by the quartz crisis. Instead of following the quartz-hype, they did the opposite. Omega Seamaster Replica made quartz watches during their Swatch group-days, but ever since their independence, they stay far away from quartz.Today, Omega Seamaster Replica is one of the few brands who is over a century old and is still fullyindependent and fully mechanical.

When Omega Seamaster Replica was founded in 1904 by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian, both men decided to start in the Swiss town Holstein. Watch factory Lohner & Co recently closed down, and the two men took office in the old factory.In its first year, Omega Seamaster Replica had 67 employees. Omega Seamaster Replica opened more assembly plants and factories over the years. By 1911, Omega Seamaster Replica was he largest employer in Holstein.Montblanc Replica Watches They even had to build houses and apartments for their staff, since they were getting too big for the small Swiss village.

Omega Seamaster Replica was not part from the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand, but Omega Seamaster Replica was once owned by an important LeCoultre family member. After Omega Seamaster Replica' founder Georges Christian died in 1927, Jacques-David LeCoultre bought Omega Seamaster Replica and became President of the board of directors. Jacques David was the Grandson of Antoine LeCoultre, the person who founded the watchband LeCoultre&Cie in 1866. It is unknown how long Jacques-David owned Omega Seamaster Replica Jacques-David LeCoultre was an important member of the LeCoultre family. Jacques-David was responsible for the merger of his family's company LeCoultre with the brand of Edmont Jaeger. The result is a brand you might have heard of: Jaeger LeCoultre