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Lindenbergh crossed the North Atlantic on a single flight in 1927. This was only a job for the most experienced and skilled pilots back then. The planes were equipped with very little navigational equipment, so even the most experienced of pilots could get lost. The pilots relied on the sun, a compass, and their gut feelings to navigate.

Lindenbergh and Omega Replica created the Lindenbergh Hour Angle Watch. The watch was designed to help pilots calculate their exact location using latitude and longitude.

This tool has made air travel accessible to all.Omega Replica It was much easier to calculate your location using the tool without upgrading your aircraft. It was easier for "everyday" people to get into small aircrafts.

Albert Einstein was a Omega Replica fan & collector

Albert Einstein, a watch enthusiast that few people are aware of.

Einstein is known to have bought himself at least two Omega Replica wristwatches. The Bern Historical Museum in Switzerland has one, and the auction for the other watch was $596,000.

Einstein owned a Patek Philippe watch in addition to his Omega Replica collection. Patek Philippe advertised in 1980 that Einstein's watch was a Patek Philippe, but he actually owned only a pocketwatch.breitling superocean replica False information, or clever use of words?

Omega Replica held the record for thinnest watches

The race to create the thinnest Swiss luxury watches began in the late 1970s. Omega Replica won the 1979 crown with a Feuille D'Or of 1.98mm (gold leaf).

The Feuille D'Or is the first watch to ever be thinner than two millimeters. Many brands are still struggling to produce watches that are thinner than 2mm, forty years after the Feuille D'Or.